SGT ERIKA YATES deploys to Ft. Sam Houston, TX for 9 months

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Member, SGT Erika Yates of Cherryfield deployed on Nov 11, 2013 to Ft. Sam Houston, TX for training and certification as a Para Medic and a concurrent course in critical care. SGT Yates is assigned as a flight medic to the 126th Aviation (Medivac), Maine Army National Guard, Bangor Air Base. She is the daughter of Post Adjutant Peter Duston and Auxiliary member, Alice Duston. Her two children will be living with the grandparents while Erika is deployed. Her son, Savage Bloomer composed and performed a song for a school veterans day assembly the day before his Mom left.

Dedicated to my Mom and Grandfather on Veterans Day – 2013
Words and music by Savage Bloomer

Have you ever lost sleep
over warmth or food to eat?
Have you ever wondered why?
Have you ever seen the flag and cried?
Have you ever slept in the sand?
Have you ever fought for your land?

(CHORUS) Soldiers! Soldiers!
Make this land of the free!
Soldiers, Soldiers!
Make this place my home!

Have you ever lost a friend?
Have you ever gave to the end?
Have you ever seen them on the street?
Have you ever been in their two feet?
Have you ever walked away?
Why don’t you thank one today!
My freedom, my love, goes out to you.
Your bravery, your gift to me, I know I am Free.
I know they’ve rolled the dice
But, have you ever paid their sacrifice?

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