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  • September 30th, 2011
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American Legion Post 8 in Cherryfield serves veterans and their families in Western Washington County and Eastern Hancock County. As of September 1, 2019, the Post had overĀ  80 members. The Post was established back in the early 1930’s by veterans of WWI and met in various halls until the end of WWII when returning veterans wanted their own “Post Home” as the new and younger members increased the size of the Post considerably. Money was raised, a lot was donated and the building went up in quick time with the help of many volunteers. It is as you see it today serving the needs or advocating for the needs of today’s veterans.

The Post raises funds from dues, yard sales, serving food and donations for the sole purposes of maintaining the Post Home and contributing to worthwhile community activities, especially those for children and families. Some call the Legion the biggest charity around as we have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to worthy causes over the years especially when we ran beano. Beano has fallen on hard times as players have become elderly or have passed away.

We also maintain the memories of our service in the great and small wars, whether we were on the front line or in the words of one of our woman veterans: “In the rear with the gear”. We honor those who have given their lives with our Memorial Wall and our MIA/POW table and wall hangings. Every May, we decorate over 300 local graves of veterans with the help of our school children and scouts who we are educating about the importance of “remembering.” Our Memorial Day program is as traditional as apple pie, with speeches, bugle calls, the town band playing, an 8th grader reciting the Gettysburg Address, and flowers in the river for those who were “lost at sea.”

In our hall, we have historical displays that go back to the Civil War that represent the service of Cherryfield men and women.

Our kitchen and our ladies auxiliary has served up 100’s of meals for patriotic events and benefits for local families in need and others. The Auxiliary Unit 8 has helped countless families with charitable gifts of money and health items. The Auxiliary has disbanded due to lack of able bodied members and we miss their service.

Our programs are committed to provide moral and financial support to our ailing and comrades in need. We serve as a clearing house for benefits by directing the veteran to services if we are not able to provide ourselves.

We welcome new members and especially urge young veterans, whether still serving in the Guard or Reserve or discharged, to inquire about joining. If younger veterans don’t get involved, the veterans organizations like the American Legion will just fade away, leaving a huge vacuum where no one will be advocating for our long-term needs. We answered the call, we served. We know what “Duty, Honor and Country” means.

Cold War veterans can now join the Legion thanks to a recent act of Congress so if you served at least a day of active duty since Dec 7, 1941, you are eligible to join and we want to welcome you.